Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Don Troiano Danbury Connecticut Murderer, Rapist, and Theif fact or fiction?

Don Troiano Danbury Connecticut Murderer, Rapist, and Theif fact or fiction.

There has been much written about Don Troiano. The question you must be asking is any of it true?  I mean how can a man who has never been arrested be a murderer, rapist, and thief?  Why would all this appear at the top of his google search? What does it mean?
The fact is when a person attacks another and wants to harm them the most,  they will often affix the worst tags they can. Murderer, Rapist Pedophile, Slut, and Whore just to name a few. They will make very real sounding allegations in the hopes that people will believe these outrageous claims. They will often relive how they have harmed the other every day. In the case of someone using the internet to harm another, they can read it every day and revel in their accomplishment.
The case of Don Troiano the murderer, rapist and pedophile this is indeed the case. All one has to do is look at the one and only accuser he has. I know it may seem like there are many, but the fact is all these posts have been put up by one and only one man. If you read them carefully you will see the same thread and verbiage over and over.
Well let's start with who the original author of this content is. His name is Owen and he is an ex-employee of a Don Troiano owned company Oxford Home Mortgage. The simple fact is he has a serious drinking problem. Once that drinking problem was discovered by Don Troiano he quickly removed this man from his employment. Owen wanted to get back at his former employer because like most drug and alcohol abusers he needs to blame others for the bad things that have happened to him in his life.
Don Troiano
This man has been living with this problem for the vast majority of his life. In his early years, he joined the military to try to straighten out. Unfortunately, he was discharged because of his heavy drinking. He then bounced from job to job never lasting long as his drinking sooner or later would cost him his work. While employed by Oxford since he was a commissioned employee and he could come and go as he wished so his drinking problems went largely unnoticed at first. After a year or so like with every other job he had the drinking became apparent. When he was finally asked to leave he wanted to lash out at anyone he could. Owen had recently learned about a negative content website called the ripoff report. With this new tool, he decided he would destroy Troiano as he felt Troiano destroyed his life. Alos Owen at the time was going through a child custody case he lost because thankfully the court realized leaving little children with a lifelong alcoholic would be very bad indeed. Needless to say he blamed anyone but himself for losing his children.  The stalking continued from 2009 till late 2012. The results of the attack still linger to this day.
The Truth of the matter is Don Troiano has never been in any trouble in his entire life. He has worked very hard every day of his life and to be honest the attacks from this man have set him back very much. A stalker can do a lot of damage to a person's  life. And with the invention of the internet and the negative review for-profit web site they now have a new tool.
Now I know what your thinking. Why doesn't Troiano Sue the guy or have him arrested or sue the website? The fact is the website is protected by law since they are not the author. It doesn't stop them from charging hundreds of thousands of dollars to hide negative content for those who can pay. As far as suing Owen? He moves from place to place and job to job and whats worse he posted anonymously if you read the posts he never identifies himself by name. Even if you could find the man to sure him he has nothing. Even his cars are in other peoples names.  The fact of the matter is there as of now is no help for stalking victims where there is no threat made. One day maybe.

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